OFFICIAL+Swami+Premodaya+2019+-+smiling+bust+-+pink+shirt“I am not a teacher. I’m the one who challenges you to transform—to accept the reality of God with every fiber of your being. This can’t be done as an intellectual process; it can only be accomplished through a living interaction between you and me.”
~Swami Premodaya

I-CODA Brussels is devoted to the work of renowned Guru Swami Premodaya.

In the Center people from all ages and all ways of life are able to meet each other at Online Satsangs, Video Satsangs, Audio Meditations and Online Workshops with the Beloved Master Swami Premodaya.

To know more about schedules, about Satsangs, workshops or about Swami Premodaya, please click on the available headers on top of this page.

We warmly invite you to visit the Center at Vrijheidslaan 45, Avenue de la Liberté, 1081 Brussels, where you will be welcomed by Shomari Dev and Ananda Dev, disciples of Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya. We speak english, dutch, french and german.

All events are in english.

Our local contact number is 0475 86 36 62.

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