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Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya is a spiritual teacher and Western guru whose wisdom and wit, and real effectiveness, have made him popular with seekers across North America and Europe.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and was formerly the Director of Outpatient Psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills.  After being formally initiated as a direct disciple of Osho (Sannyasin) in 1983 and undergoing many transformative and mystical experiences thereafter, he founded the International Centers of Divine Awakening in 2004, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering his God-given mission of spiritual guidance, education, upliftment and the warmth of community to any and all spiritual seekers.



Premodaya was born after the Holocaust, as the only child of his survivor mother and father.  He spent the formative years of childhood behind barbed wire, where along with his parents, he was an inmate of post-Holocaust Germany’s most brutal and squalid refugee prison camp, Fohrenwald. After their release in 1953, the family emigrated to the United States.

It is my great good fortune to have been born ‘a man without a country.’ It makes you a ‘citizen of the world,’ and if you’re really lucky, ultimately, a child of the Universe.”


In 1978 he began a career in clinical psychology, and has worked with all levels of mental illness and conscious growth ever since.  He holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, and in 1996 was appointed Director of Outpatient Psychiatry at world-renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills.


Premodaya’s initial awakening occurred at age twelve, when he became a “dweej” (a Hindu term meaning “twice born” and denoting an experience of direct awakening to the spiritual dimension). Twenty years later, in a moment of profound relaxation, a series of dramatic and uninvited mystical experiences occurred, including a full experience of death. This torrent of spiritual happenings and insights poured relentlessly into his mind and body for a year. He emerged able to see deeply into others, past, present and future. These mystic experiences brought him to the feet of his spiritual Master, world-famous Indian guru Osho, who named him Swami Premodaya.

Two decades later he met his other Master, Gangaji, a spiritual teacher from California known and beloved in many countries. Her presence sparked a powerful energy transformation, culminating three years later in his final sanctification on August 1, 2003, from which he emerged experiencing himself, and all beings, fully as ‘Love Incarnate.’


Now when Premodaya works directly with people, they report profound experiences of new insight, transformation, personal growth and spiritual advancement. To expand this work and reach out even further, The International Centers of Divine Awakening was created. 30 years of professional psychology practice, coupled with 40 years of devoted spiritual practice, have come together in this gifted teacher, this Bodhisattva, uniquely qualified to guide and assist others through all levels of seeking and finding.


30-January-2021 Satsang 1 - #2

Today, ICODA and Swami Premodaya serve seekers of all stages and ages, 2 to 86 – men, women, and children from all walks of life who quest for Truth, Self-realization and God-consciousness.  Under Premodaya’s direction, ICODA offers an ever-expanding variety of programs, trainings, international tours, retreats, workshops, and classes toward successful living, divine love, universal wisdom and happiness.


Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya is a spiritual teacher and guru whose wisdom and wit have made him popular with seekers across North America and Europe.

“A teacher informs; a master transforms”.

His teachings center around self-knowledge, de-conditioning, and actualized awareness of the Divine—in a real and practical manner—which results in truly opening the heart and fully accessing the ‘love incarnate’ that resides in all beings. In spiritual gatherings, Premodaya unhesitatingly answers every question and addresses every topic presented by seekers from every walk of life. His ways of working with every variety of person frequently excites and delights. A question from one person, may elicit a completely different response, when asked by another person. This is because he is always working specifically with that one person, providing the ideal method or precise direction that will work best for that individual’s uniqueness—whether the goal is genuine happiness, inner peace, or true self-realization. It is always a meaningful, alive dialogue, and always for the purpose of that person’s spiritual advancement. This is the essence of the Guru phenomenon, which sets it apart from all other human relationships and interactions.

Meetings with Swami Premodaya present the powerful opportunity of quickly identifying what needs to be faced—and then dealing with it—once and for all. Some characterize Premodaya’s work with them as a ‘profound guided journey,’ that above all feels ‘completely safe.’ All fears are surmountable in the right hands. All problems are transmuted into higher consciousness when worked with correctly.

His own spiritual work with others is not based on any particular religion, tradition, practices, philosophy, code of conduct, or belief set. Rather, he helps, encourages, and guides individuals to experience Truth directly, in whatever way serves their unique individuality.

Swamiji’s message for the world remains as vital and relevant as the day his divine mission began to help others spiritually:

  • Human life is an opportunity for God—nothing more, nothing less (going Godward superseding all to-do-lists)
  • Life is other people (other people are the path to God)
  • We are all deeply conditioned—and this conditioning is what keeps us from experiencing God/Truth/Reality
  • God/Truth/Reality (existence unfettered) is knowable (can be directly experienced) by anyone and everyone


“Due to Premodaya, literally every single day, I feel happier and happier, and more and more peaceful.”

-Nova Natan, Psychologist

“The best possible support for letting go of the false and being your true self.  If you want real freedom, real truth, this is the place to be.”

Shanti Grace, Administrator

“I have attended many satsangs with many different teachers and I can honestly say Swami Premodaya has a unique gift to share.  The meetings he holds are filled with love and openness.  I am always touched to see people open up and shine as the truth of who they really are is revealed.”

-Thea Nathan, Reiki Master

“My experience with ICODA has been vast, tremendous, rapid, and excellent.  Swami Premodaya’s wisdom, grace, kindness, gentle way, and love create a comfortable environment for truth. I am astounded as to the quickness of my personal growth and to the depths of my life transformation. Truly the life I have studied about in so many books is not only a reality, but it has become my reality.  I am deeply grateful for my time with Swami Premodaya, ICODA, and its practitioners. As beautiful as all this is, words simply are not enough to describe the experience.” 

-Sky Nathan, Film Industry

“Premodaya can show you the truth of who you are.  What I received in ten minutes was as great a spiritual gift as I have ever experienced in my 35 years on the spiritual path.”

-Brian Hughes, Cabinetmaker

“Superb understanding for the modern person.”  

-Shantidasa Dev, Spa Owner West Hollywood

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