Premodaya Online Satsang



EVERY SATURDAY 20:00 – 21:30

(for the most up to date schedule, always check:

Vrijheidslaan 45 Avenue de la Liberté

1081 Brussels (Koekelberg)

For those not able to visit I-CODA Brussels, we use real-time streaming video so that you can see and talk with Swami Premodaya directly online.

To join our weekly Satsang on your computer or mobile device, simply click on the link below (if it’s your first time, please email for instructions)

To join via phone, dial

+1 (415) 762-9988


+1 (646) 568-7788

And enter meeting number  3104971899

Online satsangs are free but your donations make Online Satsang possible, so please donate by visiting (go to donations).

“I am not a teacher. I’m the one who challenges you to transform—to accept the reality of God with every fiber of your being. This can’t be done as an intellectual process; it can only be accomplished through a living interaction between you and me.”
~Swami Premodaya


These deeply intimate meetings provide the rare opportunity to come together for inner exploration and going beyond the self. A brief meditation is followed by question and answer and self-discovery work. Satsang supports and promotes self-knowledge, transformation and true clarity. Seekers of all ages and stages come together as a community of support and sharing, forming a milieu conducive to truth and inner peace. Strangers quickly become friends in the loving atmosphere of Satsang, as we come to experience what lies ‘beyond the self’ in each one of us. The room will be open 30 minutes prior to the event. Please arrive on time, so that others are not disturbed during the meditation or discussion time.

No registration required

“The most powerful teachings available…
beyond anything I would have thought possible.”
~ Vivien Bonzo, Restaurant Owner

satsang santa monica online satsang

“Due to Premodaya, literally every single day, I feel happier and happier, and more and more peaceful.”

— Nova Natan, Psychologist

“The best possible support for letting go of the false and being your true self. If you want real freedom, real truth, this is the place to be.”

— Shanti Cross

“Listening to Swami Premodaya is a must for every student devoted to the path of enlightenment.”

— Ricardo Roman

“…All your addictions can be dealt with ~
even the ones to suffering and to unlove.
And yes, even your addiction to selfishness.”

~ Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya

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