Premodaya Online Workshop


1-Feb-2021 Satsang with Swami Premodaya - Meetup

Premodaya workshops are a day-long opportunity to bathe in the energy of Satsang, while receiving the benefits of individual assistance from a helper operating from a position of God-consciousness and Divine intention.  Simply stated, Premodaya works with your soul directly, always for the purpose of advancing you spiritually.  Grace activates to the exact degree of an individual’s willingness to allow it.  Therefore, Premodaya helps us remove the particular barriers we are carrying, that block the way to actual fulfillment.  He works lovingly, gently, safely and effectively, to bring about the precise transformations each person will require to reach permanent, true realization of the transcendent.  All-day workshops also function as sustained shaktipat (spiritual transmission), yielding discernibly immediate results, as well as beneficial effects that become apparent in the weeks (and even years) that follow.


Every First Sunday of the Month at I-CODA Brussels. We join the meeting online through Zoom, a live interactive online meeting platform.


Register by calling 0475 86 36 62 or send an e-mail to:

“Thank you for being my spiritual teacher. I’m more peaceful today than ever before.”

                                      ~ Dr. Jay Ferrell, Computer Specialist

“Just by doing a few simple exercises, my entire life has changed. For a cynic like me to write those words is simply incredible.”
                                      ~ Josh Bloomberg, Musician/Copywriter

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