Premodaya Sound Clips


“A Toxic Teaching” 5:58


“Accept” 1:05


“All Premises Are False” 3:50


“Be An Ambassador For Love” 4:57


“Become A Shapeshifter” 1:00


“Beyond The Theatre Of Mind” 3:52


“Cellular Happiness” 1:39


“Clear Your Vision, Open Your Mind” 2:15


“Divine Happiness” 3:13


“Do What Works” 2:36


“Everything Is A Metaphysical Situation” 1:01


“Get Your Motor Running All The Way” 1:59


“Guru-Disciple, Beyond Space And Time” 1:05


“Hare Krishna” 2:20


“I’m Not An Evangelist” 2:17


“It’s Never A Mistake To Love” 0:57


“Life Is The Proof Of God” 1:58


“Love Is Completely A Simpleton” 3:33


“Love Pulls You In” 2:05


“Never Trample Another Person’s Freedom” 2:40


“Only A Grown Up Can Walk The Path For Real” 2:12


“Palaver” 3:43


“Put Down The Burdens” 0:28


“Reality Is Messy” 2:41


“Relate To The Guru, Not The Person” 2:06


“Roads Towards God” 1:29


“See The Miraculous” 2:39


“Society Is Not Your Friend” 2:38


“Spiritual Ego” 2:05


“Spiritual Mechanics/Crisis” 2:33


“Taking Out The Garbage” 4:17


“The Blessing Aspect” 3:00


“The Cheerleader For Love” 3:36


“The Depth Of You” 1:52


“The Eyes Of Innocence” 2:20


“The Importance Of Open-Mindedness” 0:59


“The Real Happiness” 1:50


“The Real Open Mindedness” 4:52


“The Sprout Position” 1:43


“The Sun Is Made Out Of Love” 4:41


“There’s Only Two Possibilities” 2:57


“You Are The Act Of Relating” 4:50


“You Create The Guru” 2:28


“You Have To Be Able To Stand Alone” 2:00


“You Will Never Fit In” 3:43


“Your Mind Is The Universal Mind” 1:35


“Your Position Toward Eternity” 1:54




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